Lots of details about my hobbies and projects

Blocks in Brython

Blocks in the browser using Brython.

Boys Beds

A proper engineering solution to limited space.

Documenting my fun in developing electronic cufflinks aka cuffelinks

Micro Button

A simple small button, battery powered, to do a GET http. Costing £4 with off the shelf parts.

This is a fun challenge between friends to see if they can pick each week a football game that does not end up nil nil.

OpenSCAD Lasercut

The key feature is to generate a 2d files automatically from the 3d-model

Pewter Casting With PLA

I discovered (by accident) a new way of doing Metal Casting.

Pixelate Toast

The idea is to mix a few ingredients; Bread, GNU/Linux, Arduino, Wifi to serve a website

Printing 3d

Collection of 3d printed items on my printrbot


Connor likes roundabouts, roundabouts are expensive to buy and you do not get much for your money. Time to get building …

Server Ash

Ash is my main home server . It hosts a few virtual machines (including this website), it also a good point to document the configuration somewhere; as the source of this website is on git hub this also makes a nice config back-up.

Shed Shed Shed

I need a man-cave, so I can build my projects but I need to move out of the loft. Time to build a man-cave.

Splendid Snap - The App

Splendid Snap - The App. You won't think there's a match... but there always will be!

Splendid Snap (Old card set generator - no retired)

Splendid Snap is a group card game.. Try the Pokemon and Sheep versions!

Traffic Lights Arduino

Arduino running some traffic lights

Tube Top Trumps

Tube Top Trumps